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Gate Pass ID Cards Maker Software

Gate Pass ID Cards Maker Software is specially designed to generate visitors id cards. You can add visitors details to the database while designing Gate Pass for visitors. Software provides various pre-defined templates to choose id card design and quickly create Visitor Pass.

Visitors ID Cards Designer Tool provides option to copy current card design to the other side of card. For example if you have designed Front side of card and you want to print same as Back Side of card, click on 'Copy current design to other side of Card'.

Software Features:

✔ Pre-defined templates: Software provides option to choose id card design from pre-loaded templates for quickly creating Visitor Pass.

✔ Add visitor details to the database: Gate Pass creator software provides facility to add visitor details to the database for maintaining visitor records.

✔ ID Cards Designing Objects: Program provides various card designing tools such as text, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, line, signature, barcode, symbols, watermark etc.

✔ Add photo on Gate Pass: To add picture on visitors id cards, browse path of photo or you can also take photo of visitor using camera settings.

✔ Image Cropping Tool: Software also has option to crop single or multiple images for id cards.

✔ Save designed ID card: Program provides facility to save designed id card as template or you can also save ID Card log in .idd file format.

✔ Export designed ID card: You can export designed visitor identity cards as image or PDF file format.

✔ Print designed Gate Pass ID cards: Software provides print settings to print designed visitor id card.

✔ Color and background settings: Gate Pass ID cards creator provides color and background settings including Solid Color, Gradient, Image and Style settings to generate visitor ID Cards.

✔ Email Settings: You can send designed visitor id cards at specified email IDs using email settings of software.