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Financial Accounting Software - Standard

Financial accounting software helps you to maintain multiple company sales/purchase records, item details, customer/vender records and other business transaction records at one place. Inventory control program is password protected so that external users can’t access or modify software configuration settings.

Areas of application:

Transportation companies, Healthcare agencies, Hotels Accounting, IT industries, Financial services, Warehousing, Universities, Phone companies, Retail stores, Shipping industry and other commercial industries.

Software Advantages:

Software Features:

✔ Maintains company financial accounting records: Accounting software manages company sales/purchase records, income/expenses details, stock records and other financial accounting records without doing complex paper work.

✔ Data connectivity features: Billing management program allows you to connect selected data base company records and view its information through data connectivity feature.

✔ Generates different types of report: Invoice program generates different types of accounting report like item report, ledger report, sales order report, purchase order report, balance sheet, trial balance, income/expenses reports and other accounting report to view overall performance of business organization.

✔ Data backup and restore facility: Inventory management software restores complete backup of deleted data if the original data has been lost due to some data loss reasons.

✔ Saves your financial account report: Business inventory program provides option to save your financial accounting reports at specific location on your computer system.