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Multi Company Purchase Order Software

Multi Company purchase order software helps you to maintain company sales, purchase order records of different commercial organization in real time. Purchase order program provides option to send sales/purchase order reports through email.

PO management software generates various kinds of sales/purchase reports like quote report, invoice report, receipt report, vender payment report, deposit report, item transaction reports, purchase order report and other business reports in simple way. No need to find out any purchasing templates, PO form (purchase order form), PO sample, PO format and other invoicing templates of business organization, simply use PO software to streamline entire business process.

Multi Company Purchase Order Software

Multi Company Purchase Order Software

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Areas of application:

Import/Export businesses

Manufacture Companies

Retail industries and other commercial organization.

Software Features:

✔ Maintain entire sales/purchase records: PO software helps you to maintain multiple company sales/purchase order report at one place.

✔ Password protected facility: Purchases orders system provides password protection features so that any one or even guest users can’t access (or modify) software configuration setting.

✔ Provides search option: PO management program has advance search option to search sales/purchase order records in case of large database records.

✔ Data backup and restore facility: PO systems offers data backup and restore facility if the original data has been lost due to some data loss reasons.

✔ Send sales/purchase report through email: Purchase order management software generates different types of sales/purchase records and send these records through email.

✔ Minimize accounting error to maintain sales/purchase records: PO system provides centralized control over all sales/purchase records and minimizes accounting error to maintain sales/purchase order reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Manages multiple company sales/purchase order records without doing complex paper work.
  • Provides automate solution to maintain entire sales purchase order records.
  • Reliable and affordable multi company purchase order software.